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Product test 0 3 Sets of smart equipment
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Testing the Graphene Smart sailing gear and the full Graphene portfolio

World’s first smart sailing jacket and a full Graphene based portfolio

We developed a completely new product with embedded system.
We did consult professional sailors during the product development process, however the final version has not been properly tested yet. Therefore we invite the sailing community to participate in testing.

We deliver sample products for 1 month and volunteers will have a chance to fully test all features and benefits.

Since the product is designed for professional sailors, we prefer active sports people to participate. We offer discounted (50% off) products for each participant. The objective of the test is to validate features of Graphene, waterproofness and the usability of the foldable screen.  

You want to become one of the 3 testers and work closely with the company on developing the product? 

Good luck!! 

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