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Specific conditions of participation  

In this project, product managers and designers can collaborate with Riri and have their product samples equipped with b.Lock buttons.
Together with Riri, we are now looking for design or product executives to apply this highly functional button in their next generation product.
Interested consumers can also join this product to experience the strength of the button and create new ideas for application areas in sports or other industries. To thank the testers with the best and most helpful comments, they will receive a special edition Riri Swatch watch. The selection will be based upon idea quality and feasibility by an internal Riri jury.

Companies participating in the b.Lock project acknowledge the following project rules:
  1. Sample product to be equipped with b.Lock will be send at the participating company’s own risk and cost.
  2. Neither the Riri Group nor the MMG will be made responsible for damaged or lost goods that have been send as part of this project.
  3. By completing the project questionnaire (Phase I from May 29nd – June 18th 2017), the participant agrees that survey answers are shared with, but only, with the Riri Group. All personal data will be used exclusively for the project as long as not agreed by the participant in a separate statement.
  4. Availability of b.Lock samples is limited. Riri Group and MMG reserve the right to select fitting participants (companies as well as consumers) to equip the participating company’s product with b.Lock buttons and / or to provide a product sample.

Sequence of the project

Phase I – Application: 29nd May 2017 – 18th June 2017
During this time the questionnaire will be open. Based on the questionnaire the participants will be categorized as a potential business partner (companies) or as a consumer.    

Phase II – Selecting Participants: 19th June 2017 – 25th June 2017

During this time we will evaluate the questionnaire and inform the participants whether we can offer them the possibility to equip their products with the b.Lock button (companies) or send them a sample of the b.Lock button (consumer).  

Phase III – Equipping Products / Samples & Testing: 26th June 2017 – 16th July 2017

(a)    For companies:
During this time the participating companies send the products they want to equip with a b.Lock button to Riri. They will replace the “normal” snap button with their b.Lock button and send the products back to the company. Afterwards they can test their newly equipped products and experience the features of the b.Lock button.
(b)   For consumers:
During this time we will send the participants a sample of the b.Lock button, which they can test and experience it’s features.  

Phase IV – Discussion: 17th July 2017 – 06th August 2017

(a)    For companies:
During this time the companies have the possibility to directly communicate with a b.Lock specialist from Cobrax (in a closed project room).
(b)   For consumers:
During this time the participants report their experiences and ideas for new application areas of the b.Lock button within an open discussion forum. The entire community may comment reports and ask questions. They are also free to upload pictures or videos.    

These specific conditions of participation are valid in combination with the common conditions of participation of the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION platform. Participation in this project is subject to accepting the common conditions of participation.
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