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Riri is proud to present a revolution in its Cobrax branch.
b.Lock, the one and only snap that resists the strongest longitudinal tractions.

For sure, snaps are comfortable and easy to use but, sometimes, they can lose their grip when more resistance is needed. Consider a pair of rigid denim jeans, a trekking backpack or boats equipment: what may happen if a simple snap opens? It is matter of elegance, of functionality and even safety.  

Designed to resist the strongest tractive forces, b.Lock is a concentrate of pure resistance born from the engineering innovation applied to small components by Riri. It looks just like any other Cobrax’s snap and it can be customized to produce the perfect snap for any need but, in the inside, b.Lock hides a futuristic core: thanks to its patented, one-of-a-kind design it can be applied to any field where the need for resistance and functionality meets aesthetic requirements.   

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