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survey 50 Bosideng spring jackets
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BOSIDENG Down Products Survey

You love outdoor activities and don't want to miss them even though you are facing bad weather? Then we and Bosideng are looking for your input regarding the use of down clothing.

As the leading brand of down jackets in China, Bosideng is constantly working on developing and improving every single product through design, production and testing.

By using European duck and goose down fibres and their latest cooperation with GORE-TEX, the Chinese brand not only strives for the very best performance, but also for the highest quality.

In order to achieve these high standards for the European market, we need your input as a passionate athlete. What is important to you when it comes to down apparel and when would you like to use it? 

According to your information in the survey, Bosideng will use the results to develop new down products that are precisely tailored to the needs of the European sports market.

In the next project phase, starting this fall, you'll then have the chance to become a selected product tester and put those new innovative down products through their paces.

Participate now in the survey until 31.05.2020 and help to develop the perfect down apparel.

As a thank you, we will raffle 50 Bosideng spring jackets among all participants of the survey.

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