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Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

The CEP WINGTECH Shirt Test - engineered together with TORAY

The start of ISPO Munich 2016 also brings along the start of the new open innovation project together with CEP and TORAY!Apply from now on until February 24th and put the innovative CEP WingTech Shirt – engineered together with Toray to the test. Share your personal experiences and feedback with the brands and other testers and give the shirt it’s final touch, here on ISPO OPEN INNOVATION.The innovative CEP WingTech shirt combines CEPs’ known high climate and moisture management standards with new innovative cuts and so called SmartWingtech Stripes. The resulting sensomotoric stimulation encourages a more upright posture, helping you...

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

Thank you for your applications!

We are overwhelmed! Thank you for your countless applications and your interest in the CEP WingTech Shirt Test.During the next couple of days we will be looking into your applications and will notify you as soon as the testers have been selected.We’re already looking forward to an insightful and fun testing period!

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

Testers selected!

Thank you all once again for your countless applications! The testers for the CEP WingTech Shirt Test – developed with TORAY have now been determined and notified.As we are testing a completely new product, the testing phase will be taking place behind „closed curtains“ – but be sure to know that you will be the first to find out what the testing brings forth! We are already looking forward to your applications and participation in upcoming projects on ISPO OPEN INNOVATION!@all Testers: Log on to ISPO OPEN INNOVATION and click here to go right to the testing.

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

Wanted: You're creative input!

We are overwhelmed by the interesting, informative and diverse input we received during the CEP WingTech Shirt test. For those, we unfortunately couldn’t select for the testing: The WingTech Shirt is now available in stores. Inspired by your creative and innovative development potential we would like to start a new and open discussion with all of you:The WingTech Shirt is an approach to how clothing can support motion sequences and body posture.What possibilities and opportunities do you see, in how sportswear can contribute to your health and at the same time help you to increase personal performance? For example, pants that support your hip's posture. Set your creativity free!We’re looking...

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

We continue on May 4th, 12 pm!

Stay tuned: Tomorrow noon we will be starting into a discussion about sportswear and it’s impact on a better body posture.We're already looking forward to your creative ideas and input!

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

The Shirt

CEP WingTech Shirt – utilizing sonsomotory for an effective training. CEP is breaking new grounds with the WingTech Shirt. The shirt fits tightly to the body.The SmartWingtech Stripes and an innovative cut stimulate activation points on the body, encouraging the wearer to assume an upright position and consequently achieve high performance. This automatically leads to a strengthening of the back muscles, easier breathing and the prevention of malpositions. All factors, leading to a long-term improvement of the athlete’s body-efficiency and performance. Naturally highest standards for climate and moisture management as well as breathability are a given.All in all the CEP WingTech...

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

Participate now!

Join the discussion now: How else can clothing support motion sequences and body posture, similar to the CEP WingTech Shirt, in the future? Diverse approaches, inspired by Kinesio-Tape or modern sensor technology are being discussed. What are your creative ideas? Click into the project, post your ideas, discuss with the community and join the product development of CEP. We’re looking forward to your contributions!

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

Vote now!

You can now distribute your votes among the top ideas and contributions. Which ideas or approaches seem particularly innovative or creative to you? What are you burning to see implemented?Participate now and influence how CEP will support you even more in the future. You can distribute up to 7 stars, a maximum of 3 per suggestion. We’re looking forward to your votes!

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

We continue on June 1st!

Thank you for all your inspiring ideas and the open discussion!The most creative and relevant suggestions are currently being added to the voting. We continue into the voting phase starting June 1st.We are already looking forward to your votes next week! 

Project: Exklusiv: Der CEP WingTech Shirt Test

Thank you!

Today marks the end of the voting and our joint project. We want to once again thank all applicants, testers and participants for your engagement, feedback and ideas! We are taking exciting insights and inspiration into our product development, in order to continue to be able to support you best in the future. 

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