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Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung


In the recent weeks the prototype test of clim8 has been carried out.  The prototype was tested in many situations and under many circumstances. Alot of valuable information about the strengths and weaknesses of the article but also necessary development requirements before the product is ready for series production has been collected.  We thank all testers for their constructive feedback and the exciting discussions!Currently, the app, which controls the temperature control of the Clim8 shirt, is being further developed. All community members are invited to give their feedback on the new app version. Participation is worthwhile: From all participants of the...

Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung

The testing phase is extended

Due to shipping difficulties, the testing phase will be extended until November 25th.So you have more time to deal with the prototype of clim8!We are looking forward to more reviews on the prototype of clim8!

Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung

Now it's time to get started!

Meanwhile, you should received your prototypes and also the email with the guidelines and your personal downloadlink for the app from clim8.Please fill out the questionnaires for the testing you received from clim8 by email. You can also leave your impressions here on our platform, so you can exchange your experiences with the other testers.Have fun testing the very first version of this prototype!

Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung

Start of the 'secret' test phase!

Let's go! The test phase started!To all of you who weren't selected: we want to thank you once again for your application – maybe it will work out next time.As we are testing a completely new prototype, the testing phase will be taking place behind „closed curtains“.The selected testers will get further information via email. Have fun testing!

Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung

Thank you for your applications to become a prototype tester of clim8!

Thank you for your applications and your interest in the revolution of intelligent textile!During the next couple of days we will be looking into your applications and will notify you as soon as the testers have been selected.We’re already looking forward to an insightful and fun testing period!

Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung

Never be cold again!

The prototypes of the exclusive product testing is still in production.For this reason, you still have the chance tp apply as a product tester until the 21st of October!

Project: Prototyp-Test der neuen Generation von Kleidung

Prototype testers wanted!

A shirt which keeps you warm to the optimal temperature whatever your activities, your profile and the weather outside. Join the revolution of intelligent textile.From the everyday-use consumer to ambitious hikers, we are looking for pioneers, outdoor enthusiastic to come with specific product feedback to fine-tune the final product before the official launch on Indiegogo and ISPO MUNICH 2017.Become a tester now!

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