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Specific conditions of participation

Welcome to the project "Test the new Dalbello LUPO"

You are invited to join and participate in this project. After the application phase selected testers will be able to pick up the LUPO at a local dealer for EUR 150,- deposit and test the ski boot in different conditions. Each tester will post at least one contribution including a picture(s) on ISPO OPEN INNOVATION during the test phase telling us where the tester is using the product and in which conditions. Feedback shall be provided to Dalbello regarding the product features including filling in the testing questionnaire which you will be provided with.

To say thank you the best three test reports will be chosen by Dalbello and will be invited to a lift-supported"Alp Crossing Ski Tour" in March 2018 with the Dalbello Team.

Sequence of the project

Phase I – Application: 13th January 2017 – 09th February 2017
(a) During this time you can apply as a tester of the new LUPO.

(b) We are choosing a tester pre-selection, which will receive an e-mail with local dealer proposals. At these dealers the boot can be fitted and picked up. After confirming a listed dealer and the e-mail you are registered as tester.

ATTENTION: We only have a limited number of test products, so the testers will be chosen according to the principle: "First come, first served".

Phase II – Collecting the LUPO: 09th February 2017 – 08th March 2017
The tester will receive a collection ticket and is allowed to pick up and to have the Dalbello LUPO from the LUPO Series fitted at the chosen dealer. A deposit of EUR 150,- has to be paid, for which you will get a receipt. Please be advised that you carefully list your LUPO test size according to your current ski boot size, so we can send you a fitting ski boot. Otherwise we unfortunately cannot accommodate a ski boot switch (Dalbello boots have a “normal fit”).

Phase III – Test reports & Pictures/Videos: 08th March 2017 – 26th April 2017
During this time you can report about your experience with the LUPO. The entire community may comment test reports and ask questions! Together we want to make the LUPO even better.

Phase IV – Return or purchase of the LUPO: from 27th April 2017
After testing you have two possibilities:
(a) You can return your test boot at the selected dealer and you will get back the deposit of EUR 150,-.

(b) You can keep your LUPO for only 50% of the suggested retail price. The difference between this special offer and the already paid deposit of EUR 150,- has to be paid at the selected dealer.

These specific conditions of participation are valid in combination with the common conditions of participation of the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION platform. Participation in this project is subject to accepting the common conditions of participation.
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