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With last year's introduction of the LUPO series, Dalbello showed that it didn't just wanted to react to the sport's increasing shift from groomed trails to off-piste. The company intends to lead. The new series enriched the collection with a line conceived for both freeriders and touring skiers and covering the entire range of price segments. Beyond the high-end, ultra-sporting LUPO FACTORY, there is now also an even lighter version with a broader 100 mm last and a special women's boot available starting at Mondopoint size 21.0 (last width 99 mm). All wider models are denoted by the "AX" suffix.

The unbeatable on-snow performance and convenient entry remained unaffected: the Cabrio construction (shell, cuff and separate flex-optimized tongue) on the Lupo lends it extraordinary stability and dynamic on-snow performance, just like a full-fledged freeride boot. At the same time, the removable tongue means the boots offer an impressive range of motion on the climb of 67° (40° to the front, 27° to the rear: LUPO FACTORY, LUPO 130 C, LUPO AX 125 C, LUPO AX 120) respectively 48° (35° to the front, 13° to the rear: LUPO AX 115, LUPO AX 110 W). The lining has also been completely redesigned for improved comfort on all models (except on the LUPO FACTORY).

To pay visual homage to the fantastic technology inside, all LUPO models are designed with the technological features in a striking orange. 


- NEW last 98 mm and 100 mm
- Lightweight 1460 (w.o. tongue) / 1650 (w. tongue) - 1640 (w.o. tongue) / 1880 (w. tongue)
- NEW cuff (carbon inlays; fiber inlays)
- NEW liner
- NEW last treatment
- NEW Hike & Ride mechanism
- NEW rack appeal
- Pre-installed GRIPWALK Soles
- Removable tongue
- 67° (40° forwards/ 27° backwards) range of motion (LUPO FACTORY, LUPO 130 C, LUPO AX 125 C, LUPO AX 120)
- 48° (35° forwards/ 13° backwards) range of motion (LUPO AX 115, LUPO AX 110 W)

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