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Bring E-Bike Leasing in Dein Unternehmen!

You have contributed with many great ideas on how you want to bring bike leasing into your company – now Eurorad wants to find out how they can best support you for the implementation of your ideas.

Which sources and tools do you lack in order to successfully convince your employer of bikeleasing? How can Eurorad provide you with these tools? Could certain materials be providedor specific activities be supported?

Get inspiration from the previous phase: think of for example the communication of cost benefits to your employer or the set-up of a testing week in your company. What role does Euro-rad take on and what is yours?

Your ideas can contribute to bringing bike leasing into more and more companies – so get posting, commenting and distribute hearts for suggestions you like.

We are looking forward to many interesting suggestions and discussions in the final phase of this project!

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