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Innovate with Freudenberg

Freudenberg, the world-leading specialist on waddings, thermal insulation solutions and interlinings has developed a very innovative performance foam that can be applied directly to any kind of insulation material or fabric.

The new performance foam technology promises unparalleled flexibility in its appliance as the foam can be structured differently to create a vast set of product characteristics.

In a collaborative innovation approach, Freudenberg is looking forward to exploring relevant applications with product managers, designers and R&D experts from the sports fashion and sports equipment industry.

As a participant, you get the chance to receive an exclusive preview sample set with 5 distinct functionalities (Cooling, Odour-Control, Heat Transfer, Lining and as a Down-Bag) and the possibility to engage actively with Freudenberg about your product requirements or possible future applications.

To join the project, please fill in a quick questionnaire.

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