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The performance foam is a proprietary development of Freudenberg’s own R&D center. The foam can be structured and applied in multiple ways, offering a versatile product development platform for the sports fashion, sports equipment and the performance wear market.

Some highlight functionalities and applications of the performance foam are:

Heat Transfer

By adding graphene to the performance foam, it is possible to enhance heat transfer functionality. Body Heat can be absorbed by the graphene-loaded foam structure and transported along the body.

Cooling Application

The performance foam can be enhanced with a phase-change material to provide a cooling effect to the apparel.

Odour Control

By enhancing the performance foam with an odour control functionality, the need to wash a textile due to unpleasant body and ambient odors will be greatly reduced.

Downbag Application

The performance foam can be crafted directly into a highly multi-elastic nonwoven downbag for leisure and activewear downjackets or even sleeping bags. The downbags are breathable with wind protection properties, yet extreme soft to the touch, with no noise during wearing, a perfect down proofness and very smooth surface and weldability.


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