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Wie sieht die Outdoor-Ausrüstung in einer digitalen Zukunft aus?

What it’s about
The digitalisation of the outdoor industry has begun. T-shirts display the current weather, watches track your every step and jackets provide warmth automatically when the wearer’s temperature drops. When it comes to technology, anything is possible, but what functions do we really need and which things would we actually rather avoid when exercising in the great outdoors? We want to hear from you!

What we want to know
In our questionnaire, we want to find out what technical and digital resources you use outdoors and how you use them and which ones you steer clear of.

Your profile
You don’t have to be extremely sporty or a qualified expert. We’re looking for anybody who likes to be outside just as much as we do – whether it's hiking, cycling or climbing.

How long it takes
The questionnaire takes approx. 10 to 15 minutes and can be completed by 21/10/2018. Following this, we evaluate the collected results.

The next step
We decide what the second phase will be depending on the knowledge we gain. In doing so, we may contact some of you again to clarify any queries that arise. We will keep you updated on the news page here.

What’s in it for me
We are giving away one washbag each to 200 lucky participants. There is a special surprise awaiting phase two participants, which we will announce later.

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