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Produkttest 290 10 Explore phone prototypes
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Testing of the Land Rover Explore

For four weeks, we'll ask you to test an early version of the Explore phone in a variety of environments and settings. As well as having a large battery, the phone is drop proof, waterproof and dust proof. The addition of the Adventure Pack means it can go further for longer and will improve your location accuracy to keep you on the right track. As you’ll be getting an early engineering sample, keep in mind that you can expect some minor elements that won’t be perfect, but it will be a fully functional mobile phone that you’ll be able to use as your daily device.    

The 10 testers who are the most engaged with us while testing the Explore phone will get to keep the prototype phone. We’ll also upgrade you to the final production bundle when it ships in April. This bundle includes the Explore Phone itself, the Adventure Pack, carabiner and premium mapping. 

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