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Exploring is a unique experience and only you can define your own adventure. If you want to explore the outdoors, you will find adventure around every corner. We believe in getting outside as much as possible and exist for this very reason: to create a phone that works for you from week to weekend, a phone to survive your next adventure.  The outdoors is for everyone and adventure is always accessible if you seize the opportunity.  We champion those who define their own North Pole whether that's reaching the summit or 2 hour bike around the black forest trails. Take control. Find new routes, tracks, trails and paths. It’s important to get outside, step into the outdoors and away from the daily grind. Life is about more than the 9-5, live adventurously. Explore more.

Land Rover Explore: The Outdoor Phone is being built for outdoor fans by the outdoor fans at the Bullitt Group. Bullitt leads at building distinctive, innovative, and fit-for-purpose products under
license for selected global brands. 
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