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Terms of participation

We are glad that you want to test the new Land Rover Explore. After the application phase, selected testers will receive an early version of the Explore phone for a testing phase of four weeks.

Every tester is obligated to post regularly, at least one report with photo(s) on ISPO Open Innovation.

As a tester, you provide feedback on the features and functionalities. We appreciate all of your comments!

By participating, you agree to the following terms and conditions:   
  1. As the phone is a prototype, the testers are not allowed to post about it publicly or on social media.
  2. The testers agree to the transmission of all information to Land Rover. The information is passed on exclusively to Land Rover and not made available to third parties. Personal data of the project participants will be used exclusively for the project-related communication, unless the participant agrees in a separate explanation to the additional use.
  3. The 10 testers with the best test reports will get to keep the prototype phone at the end of the project and will be upgraded to the final production bundle when it ships in April.
  4. All other testers commit theirselves to send back the prototype phone to Land Rover after the testing phase. 

Course of the project    

Phase I - Application: 27
.01.2018 - 25.02.2018
During this phase you can apply as a tester for the Land Rover Explore project.   

Phase II - Selection of the testers: 26
.02.2018 – 11.03.2018
During this phase, we evaluate the questionnaire and inform all applicants if they have been selected as testers.   

Phase III - Sending the Land Rover Explore to selected testers: 12
.03.2018 – 18.03.2018
During this phase we will ship the Land Rover Explore to the selected testers.   

Phase IV - Testing & Discussion: 19
.03.2018 – 15.04.2018
During this phase, the selected participants test the Land Rover Explore and report on their experiences in the community.  

These specific terms and conditions are valid in conjunction with the general terms and conditions of the ISPO Open Innovation platform. Participation in this project requires the acceptance of the general terms and conditions.  
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