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Let the kids be alright!

Research shows that physical inactivity is becoming more and more a global phenomenon – and problem: As human beings, we simply require physical exercise to live in a healthy body and keep a healthy mind.

The foundation to create an active society starts with every single kid:
Whether or not sports becomes a central driver in all of us is determined at an early age already.

Following up on our research with Rheingold Institute about “Outdoor as a human need”, we are now looking for experts to dive deeper into the field of kids & youth activation:

  • what different motivations drives kids into sports,
  • what makes them benefit from sports and
  • what differences in sports culture can be discovered on a global scale?

But we also would like to better understand why so many kids are not participating in sports: what barriers, conflicts or simple distractions are preventing kids from getting active in their daily life?

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