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CoCreation 51 Limited Edition 'From Scratch' jacket
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From scratch: Let's develop the über jacket (English only)

Many types of sports currently witness a shift of seasons: Winter has never before seen so much running, cycling and training. Hence develop with us “from scratch” the ultimate “multi-performance” winter jacket!

Why “from scratch”?:
“From scratch” refers to product development starting with a blank sheet of paper. Most organizations and designers are tied up in a surprisingly tight corset: firmly established supply chains, price setting, minimum units and pre-order requests on behalf of retailers have a strong influence on the final collection.

A design challenge as part of the “ISPO ACADEMY Masterclass” liberates itself from these restrictions: In a two-day design workshop, selected design talents from top-class design schools from all over the world develop innovative and future oriented idea concepts for a “multi-performance” winter jacket.

Additionally this design challenge shall be based on your input, your ideas and wishes: What do you require of the ultimate “multi-performance” winter jacket with a cool style?
Which activities should one be able to perform? Which multifunctional solutions for a modern active lifestyle in the cold season does the jacket have to deliver? What has to be taken into consideration from customers’ point of view?

Discuss jointly with the community your individual requirements, what you especially like about existing concepts and what features you miss.

In addition we’d like to gather your feedback through a questionnaire. This will help enrich the community discussion with quantitative input regarding the jacket’s development!

Based upon your requirements and the best available materials, international design talents will work on concrete idea concepts. These will be presented and awarded at ISPO MUNICH 17 and online on The winner concept will be realized by KTC, the leading manufacturer of sportswear, and be made available to the industry as a product study. As participants you will accompany the entire creation process, from design, the creation of the prototype, to the realization of the final product.

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