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Entwickle mit MIPS die Generation Safety!

PROJECT NEWS: One more week for you to introduce your creative ideas how to communicate the MIPS Brain Protection System functionality! What is the best way to show the advantages of the unique MIPS technology?

We loved your ideas from the first round, now we would like to dive a bit deeper and focus on what and where you would like to hear about the MIPS TECHNOLOGY in particular: It is a leading technology in helmets, where the low friction layer allows to the helmet to slide relative to the head. It is designed to reduce rotational violence to the head, causing strain in the brain after angled impacts. The system is used by famous helmet brands.  

How could the advantages of this particular technology best be shown? What would you like to know about this particular technology when you first hear about it? Where would you like to get this information? And finally, what would make you want helmets with this MIPs technology instead of helmets with other technologies?

Keep in mind: MIPS is an integrated brand (eg. ABS, Airbag) and has nothing to do with the design or other functions on the helmet. However, MIPS does not limit any manufacturer in terms of design or other features since it is 100% adaptable to any design.
We are looking forward to many innovative and creative ideas how to make this particular technology more famous!


MIPS’ goal is to make people aware of the importance of a safe helmet – particularly by communicating the technology of the MIPS layer.Check out a video about the MIPS technology here and find further information here on the MIPS homepage.

Feel free to use the option to upload files to better capture, explain and visualize your ideas. You could for example upload sketches, mockups or pictures of your suggestions.

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