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Combat COVID-19 together with Movesense (English only)

The coronavirus pandemic affects all areas of life, sports and exercise not being an exception. While the number of workouts in all team sports, gym exercises and indoor sports has collapsed due to the social distancing activities, different solo endurance sports, which can be practiced outdoor, assuming that this is still allowed, are on the upswing.   Together with Suunto, the brand behind Movesense, and you, we want to contribute to the fight against the pandemic. For this reason, we are looking for your ideas regarding how to use the Movesense sensor to solve the present challenges for our sports community, caused by the COVID-19 virus. We are looking forward to your creative and innovative ideas for the following questions and to discuss possible solutions:   

  • How can the recovery process of people whose fitness level dropped due to the illness be supported?
  • Sport and physical activity are very important to support the body immune system and maintain general health, a good strength level and mobility. How can Movesense help  people to stay more active and maintain the essential exercise routines when locked down at home? This not only applies to adults, but also to children and teenagers.
  • How can athletes be supported to train optimally while tools and options are limited?
  • How can Movesense assist coaches who can’t meet physically to train their athletes right now?
  • How can the sensor technology help teams to keep up good spirit and coordinate training when group workouts aren’t possible?
  • Are there possibilities to support closed sports locations to offer new services to their clients and survive the economic crisis using a Movesense solution?

You can get some inspiration for those challenges in this article.

The best ideas will receive a Movesense developer kit to pursue their thoughts on how to use the innovative sensor to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find more information about the Movesense Sensor on

Together we will find possibilities to overcome these challenging times as a sporting community and make the best and most innovative out of it. #sportstays

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