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Specific conditions of participation

In this project, product managers, app developers, designers and R&D can collaborate with Movesense to create applications and business models based on the Movesense sensor and development system. 

Companies/Persons participating in the Movesense project acknowledge the following project rules:
  1. By completing the project questionnaire, the participant agrees that survey answers are shared with, but only with, Movesense. All personal data will be used exclusively for the project as long as not agreed by the participant in a separate statement.
  2.  Availability of Movesense sensors is limited. Movesense and MMG reserve the right to select fitting participants to receive a product sample or invitation into a product development workshop.

These specific terms and conditions are valid in conjunction with the general terms and conditions of the ISPO Open Innovation platform. Participation in this project requires the acceptance of the general terms and conditions.
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