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CoCreation 2 Movesense Starter Kit
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Build your own motion sensing solutions!

Movesense is an open development environment for motion sensing solutions. Its easy and innovative tools revolutionize measuring and sensing sports. The Movesense sensor can track motion and physiology in sports, wellness, research and more. Created by the Finnish sports watch expert Suunto, it is your fast access to proven sensor hardware and technology. 

ISPO Open Innovation and Movesense are looking for app developers, product managers and creative minds that are keen to explore new use cases and business models based on tracking motion and physiology in sports, wellness, research and more. 

With Movesense, you can quickly experiment and test your wearable tech ideas on the field and turn them into commercial products very cost-effectively if you find market potential to your concept. The platform includes efficient tools for software developers and accessories for adding a smart dimension to any piece of apparel and equipment. Already hundreds of developers are working on Movesense based projects and the amount of published products is increasing rapidly.

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