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Frequently Asked Questions


  • ISPO Open Innovation is a platform on which passionate sporting enthusiasts and sports industry brands come together to test and develop new, innovative products.
    This allows sports enthusiasts to contribute to the development of tomorrow's products, have their opinion heard by companies at the right level, and have their ideas incorporated into the creation of new products. Through your feedback and creative ideas, you can actively participate in the development of new products.

  • No, your details will not be passed on to third parties. You can find the current privacy policy here. In the unlikely event that a customer requires this data, the consent of the participant will be sought in advance.

  • Safeguarding your privacy is our top priority. Of course, any data entered on the platform and in the registration process is subject to applicable data protection law. You can find further information about data protection here.


  • You will find various projects on the home page. You can participate in as many as you like by clicking on the projects that interest you. In each project there is a description of the topic and a subject. Here you can enter your suggestion in the provided field, upload a related image or file, and submit your proposal. Generally, this proposal will then be visible to all. Take a look at the proposals submitted by others, too, and provide your comments to further develop the ideas.

  • Yes.

  • Giving a post a thumb or a star shows your support for it, indicating that you find the idea particularly good and rate it.
    The thumb signifies that you approve of someone else's proposal, by giving it a "thumbs up." Essentially, you "like" the idea.
    The stars are used during the voting phase, where each participant is given the opportunity to evaluate proposals and contributions. 1 star represents the lowest possible rating, with 5 stars being the highest. The user who put forward the proposal will receive points for each star, which will boost their proposal in the vote ranking.

  • This can depend on the project/company. Sometimes ideas are rated by the community using likes or stars. The ideas that the community like best will then be further developed by the company. Other times, the company will review and evaluate the ideas and choose which to pursue.

  • In some circumstances, duplicate or similar proposals will be merged together. This means that if you post a proposal that is very similar to an idea that has already been submitted, then your proposal may be added to the existing post as "further development of the idea." Both users will be credited as the author in such cases.

  • In some projects the top-ranked user with the best ideas will receive a prize, rewarding both the quantity and quality of their contributions. Please note the terms and conditions of the project in each case.



  • A company from the sports industry wants to develop a new product/concept. The company develops various approaches and ideas together with the ISPO Open Innovation community. Over several phases, proposals can be submitted, comments provided, votes taken, and prototypes created. The submitted ideas are subsequently incorporated into product/concept development.

  • Almost every project phase offers participants the opportunity to submit their own proposals or test reports. Simply enter your idea or report into the proposal field, adding an image if you wish, and submit your contribution to make it visible to all users. You can subsequently post your contribution on your Facebook wall to discuss it with your friends. Some phases also allow you to comment on the proposals of others in order to develop and further their ideas.


  • In most cases, several months will pass between the project and the product becoming available for purchase, as the proposals from the project are fed into product development. As soon as the project is launched onto the market, it can be purchased from the sales partners of the respective manufacturer. If a project involves a prototype test, then in some circumstances it can result that—depending on the results of the project—the product will not make it to market.

  • Yes, there are prototype tests: i.e., the product has not yet launched on the market, allowing the tester the exclusive opportunity to test the product and provide feedback. There are also product/concept tests for existing products/concepts, in which the feedback from the testers is fed directly into the ongoing development of the product/concept.

  • The testers are allowed to keep the products in almost all projects, however we cannot make any promises here. This decision is down to the company itself. Please note the terms and conditions of the project in each case.

  • In these projects, a company active in the sports industry wants users to extensively test product/concept that has already been developed or a testable prototype. After pre-selection of suitable testers via a selection questionnaire, the product is sent out to participants, who share their experiences of testing the product on ISPO Open Innovation. This is followed by a discussion of the test results, in order that the test product can be improved based on user suggestions and requirements.

Technical questions

  • By default we alert all users of the platform about specific events. If you would not like to receive e-mail notifications, then you can either turn these off or change the interval at which notification e-mails are sent (instant, daily summary, etc.) at any time in your profile under "notifications."

  • We use your dashboard to inform you about specific, project-related news. If you wish to opt out of e-mail notifications, then you can turn these off at any time in your profile under "notifications."

  • You can easily change your profile picture in your profile settings. You can access these by clicking on the profile picture on the top right panel under "Account Settings." To change your avatar, click on "upload image" on the current profile picture.

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