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ISPO Open Innovation

connects brands with passionate consumer experts to test, share and create ideas for sports products.

The customer as a development partner

The internet is redefining the relationship between consumers and companies. Consumers are becoming co-developers and enabling companies to change their perspective. How can you involve your customers in the development process and how can they become ambassadors for your product innovations?

Uncover hidden customer requirements, generate new ideas, promote innovative products

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Sport 2.0 - Digitalization of the sports industry

How does the sports industry change through digitalization? Which new customer relationships, services and business models emerge? The worldwide first crowd-study focusing on the digitalization of the sports industry provides the answers. The study is based on 615 interviews with users of the ISPO Open Innovation platform.

Profound insights on the sport industry of tomorrow, generate new technology trends and develop future business models

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What we offer

From idea generation to testing the final products, ISPO Open Innovation enables cooperation with real consumers and experts from other industries. Tune your product development through crowdsourcing and get inspired by ideas and solutions from unexpected directions.

Your benefits

New ideas and consumer insights

Turn consumers into brand ambassadors

Modern market research through direct consumer feedback

Increase brand and product awareness through our ISPO network

Create credibility through our ISPO seal of quality

Case Studies


With ISPO Open Innovation you can engage consumers very early in the product development process. Receive feedback and ideas on product features way ahead of the market rollout.

Case Study MIPS

Product Development

ISPO Open Innovation provides a platform to create and discuss new ideas. In closed projects, consumers and product developers can let their imagination run wild and create disruptive ideas.

Case Study Dachstein

Prototype Test

After all, it’s the consumer acceptance that matters. ISPO Open Innovation allows you to test your product prototypes with selected focus groups behind closed doors. Receive direct and detailed feedback from qualified testers and benefit from real consumer insights.

Case Study Haglöfs

Product Test

Create powerful word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. With product testings on ISPO Open Innovation you can turn consumers into brand ambassadors. Profit from authentic feedback and the social reach of handpicked consumer experts.

Case Study X-Bionic


With ISPO Open Innovation you can engage consumers very early in the product development process. Receive feedback and ideas on product features way ahead of the market rollout.

Case Study Bergans

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A chance for Ingredient Brands

Ingredient Brands are drivers of innovation and are leading the pack when it comes to new technologies. This is precisely why Open Innovation results in many different and new opportunities.

TORAY, a fiber manufacturer from japan, has already successfully integrated ISPO Open Innovation in their production development strategy:

“The high flexibility was the deciding factor for us to conduct a Product Testing on the ISPO Open Innovation Platform. It enabled us to test our latest insulation technology outside the public domain. As a technology driven enterprise, the inclusion of consumers in the product development process is of utmost importance to us to be able to stay competitive long-term.”

Fumiyuki Iino, General Manager Garment Department, TORAY International Europe GmbH
Find out more about the benefits of ISPO Open Innovation, in particular for ingredient brands, and also about the successes achieved by TORAY.

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