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Prototype testing of the new generation of clothes

A shirt which keeps you warm to the optimal temperature whatever your activities, your profile and the weather outside. Join the revolution of intelligent textile and become a tester!

Experience the strongest snap button ever

Experience the strongest press button ever


Become part of the Dalbello family!

Together with you we tested the Dalbello LUPO series. 


ISPO Safety Week

Wir wollen Sport gemeinsam sicherer machen. Hattest du einen Unfall? Berichte uns davon. Wie ist es dazu gekommen? Was ist passiert? Was hast du daraus gelernt? Hilf anderen Nutzern, von deinen Erfahrungen zu lernen.


From scratch: Let's develop the über jacket

Stay tuned to find updates on the devevelopment of the Über Jacket here soon!


Turn your Thule Jogging-Buggy into a smart Jogging-Buggy

Thule Child Carriers were made for active parents, who loves spending time in nature with their kids. Now, Thule wants to take the next step and turn your Child Carrier into a smart Child Carrier.


Professionelle Workwear für Profi-Handwerker - Teste KÜBLER PRACTIQ!

In der Praxis zählt vor allem eines: dass man sich zu 100% auf seine Workwear verlassen kann. Wir haben die neue neue Produktlinie von Kübler geteste


Become an ISPO AWARD jury member 2017!

Take a look at the products of tomorrow and decide which products deserve the famous ISPO AWARD!


Your opinion of digitalization in the sports sector

This survey was conducted to pinpoint people´s opinion and experiences of wearables and tracking apps. 


The future of smart textiles and sports equipment

A t-shirt that displays the current weather. This may sound absurd, but NFC technology is making it possible. In which situations would pop tags help you? Let your creativity run wild!


Prototype-Test: Be the first to test a new sports shoe accessory

 The exclusive Prototype-Testing of Jobu's! Be part of an innovative idea.


Try out stylish and functional basics for an active everyday life

Consumers tested functional basics for an active everyday life!


Your opinion of travel accessories and outdoor equipment

This survey was conducted to pinpoint people’s exact needs and requirements with regard to travel accessories and outdoor equipment. 


Exclusive: The CEP WingTech Shirt test

Discuss about sportswear and it’s impact on a better body posture! 


Become an ISPO AWARD jury member 2016!

Bewirb dich! Sieh heute die Produkte von morgen und entscheide, welche den begehrten ISPO AWARD erhalten.


Discuss about the future of outdoor products and services

Teile Deine Meinung und Gedanken über Produkte und Dienstleistungen mit dem globalen Marketing eines renommierten Unternehmens der Branche. 


Turn sweat into energy!

Could you imagine using the technologies in Trail Running?
What in particular needs to be supported, protected and balanced to achieve the best performance in this sports? What are the features you need? 

We're looking forward to your contributions! 


Prototype Test: Bergans - Made by Toray!

Diskutiere über die Sportbekleidung der Zukunft und teste einen Jackenprototyp bei verschiedensten Outdoor-Aktivitäten!



Wie sieht deine ideale Sport Community im Internet aus?


Develop 'Generation Safety' with MIPS

Schaffe ein neues Sicherheitsverständnis und gewinne eine Reise nach Stockholm ins MIPS Headquarter.


Kari Traa Svala Baselayer Test!

Teste das Kari Traa "Svala Baselayer" auf Herz und Nieren. Als Dankeschön kannst du einen Kari Traa "Vangen Parka" gewinnen!


Develop with us the individual hikingshoe

Entwickle zusammen mit Dachstein ein neues Modell für die Kollektion Frühling/Sommer 2017!


Ternua Baselayer Performance Test

Teste und bewerte den neuen "Baselayer Uigur" von Ternua, während verschiedener Outdoor-Aktivitäten!


What is the perfect ski jacket for you in terms of comfort and why?

Schicke uns deine Ideen und gewinne eine Skijacke + Hose aus der aktuellen Kollektion von KJUS.


Introduce E-bike leasing into your company!

Entwickelt zusammen mit Eurorad ein Konzept, wie  man Arbeitgeber von den Vorteilen des Fahrradleasings überzeugen kann.


Become an ISPO AWARD jury member!

Schicke uns deine Bewerbung und werde Teil der ISPO AWARD JURY 2015!


The ideal heat insulation

Hilf bei der Entwicklung einer idealen Wärmeisolierung für eine Jacke von The North Face.


Co-develope the new ISPO CARD together with us!

Sag uns was die ISPO CARD leisten soll und gewinne eine Reise zur ISPO BEIJING!


SportScheck PersonalCoach

Was erwartest du von deinem PersonalCoach?

ISPO OPEN INNOVATION gives you the opportunity to try out the latest sports equipment before it becomes available to the public. Give leading sports equipment manufacturers your feedback and tell them what you think about their products and what needs changing. Register here to become a product tester.

Become a product tester for sports equipment
With ISPO OPEN INNOVATION you can be involved in the very creation of a product, right through to its development and testing. You get a“behind the scenes” insight at sports equipment manufacturers and are given cutting-edge products to test and review. 

Share your expertise – test sports equipment
If you are sports mad then you can use this platform to give sports equipment manufacturers your feedback. You are given products that manufacturers will not bring onto the market until months later; these products are generally sent to you free of charge and you then have to carry out regular testing and write your feedback – you do not have any other obligations. Register here to become a product tester.
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