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The Qilta Story

This Qilta journey began as a result of a post grad study with UCD Innovation Academy Dublin that the founder undertook in 2015. It coincided with a time when he participated regularly in swimming and endurance sport and suffered greatly with dry feet, cracked skin and pain. He found that no solution was effectively resolving the issue. A passing comment from a mentor suggested coating ones feet with coconut butter and putting on a pair of running socks at night time. The net effect resulted in melted coconut butter ending up all over ones clothing, bedsheets, bedroom floor …and a not very happy partner.

Thus began a eureka moment!

The Qilta Solution

A common issue amongst athletes had been identified concerning the inconvenience of placing well known topical oils and creams (and butters!) that perform recognized benefits on stressed limbs. Most people don’t like touching their feet and therefore tend to ignore the problem!

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