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Experience a revolution in endurance recovery

To improve recovery and help soothe and relieve dry, tired feet and calves after endurance sports, Qilta developed a unique formula and a revolutionary application method that will transform sports recovery for athletes.

Qilta Socks and Calf sleeves are technical long-life products with a twin-skin design that allows the socks and sleeves to be internally lined with a cream formula. These active ingredients reduce inflammation, deliver targeted relief, deeply moisturize and cool weary feet and calves, ensuring a much faster and efficient recovery.

The formula contains active ingredients that support the athlete in preparation before and recovering after an event.

Qilta is not a single use product. A device has been invented that is a table-topped, mains-powered, fast and mess-free method of reapplying Qilta formulas to the internal lining of twin-skinned socks and calf sleeves but for the purposes of this study, you will experience the end result of prepared Qilta socks and sleeves.

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