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Product test QOOL® Box
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Innovative cooling technology for your adventure with QOOL®

You like beeing out in nature, sometimes even without power supply, but still want to keep your food cool or warm?

Then we are looking for you as a product tester of the innovative and highly functional thermal insulation box QOOL®.

® Box allows you to enjoy your freedom while you're exploring the world. What’s cold stays cold, what’s warm stays warm. The thermal insulation box is based on aerospace technology & keeps the desired inside temperature constant for several days – in every climate zone & independently of any power supply. Made in Germany from only high quality materials. The Box provides ultimate freedom and doesn’t compromise on performance while reducing energy consumption to support a greener future.

® selects 15 testers with different profiles to put the box through its paces on their adventures. The 3 testers with the best and most helpful test reports may keep the high-quality box for free, the remaining testers for a reduced price. 

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