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Der SportScheck PersonalCoach

The third and final phase is about the communication with the PersonalCoach. We are interested to know which communication channels are useful to you during the coaching program and how in particular you would like to communicate in particular with your PersonalCoach,so that you feel well taken care of and stay motivated. Tell us how much exchange and conversation you would like to have and what your preferred information and communication channel would be. Let us also know how often (per day, week, …) and given what situations you would like to get in touch with the coach, respectively the coach should contact you.Until March 5th 2014 you can submit your suggestions here, as well as discuss and rate those of other participants.

The SportScheck PersonalCoach offers you unique mentoring in regard to the topics health,training and nutrition. Based upon an extensive anamnes is and joint goal definition your coach will support, advise and motivate you over the phone. A documentation encompassing your coaching - including exercises and recipe suggestions - can be retrieved via an onlineportal. In addition to your coach trained in sports science, professional supervision through nutritionists, psychologists and doctors is at your disposal.

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