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Entwickle mit 'The North Face'

This is the final round of this project: Now we are searching for ideas for a new, attractivename for the jacket of The North Face co-developed with you!
How could this new jacket of The North Face be called? Which name fits best?
In the previous phase you selected 3 top ideas: "the intelligent heat insulation", “the air mat-tress jacket” and "the temperature controlled heat exchange slashes" as your favorites.
Imagine, you discovered one of these jackets in a store: What would be a perfect matchingname?
Describe your ideas and thoughts. Let us know why the name is a perfect fit for the newjacket.
Post all of your ideas and suggestions until the 3rd of October 2014. There are no limits toyour creativity.
From October 8th you can vote for your favorite ideas!Project overview:With your valuable input, The North Face is developing a new jacket with ideal heat insula-
tion. Until now we have discussed about the usage occasion and the technology for the heatinsulation. This final phase is about finding a suitable name for the jacket.
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